A Clinica Oral

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A Clinica Oral is a high-end clinic in São Paulo with over 8 dental rooms and more than 16 professionals. It serves celebrities in a cozy, technological, and innovative environment.

About A Clinica Oral

A Clinica Oral with the goal of integrating all dental specialties in one space, providing a more comprehensive and personalized treatment plan. Our team consists of professionals who have graduated and completed postgraduate studies at USP (University of São Paulo) and other Centers of Excellence. We are continuously committed to bringing the best and most modern advancements in dentistry to our patients.

The challenge

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Business impact

Resultz’s strategic efforts propelled A Clinica Oral to new heights, yielding a remarkable 33% surge in brand reach and solidifying its presence within an elite, targeted audience. The meticulous blend of innovative marketing techniques and data-driven insights not only amplified brand recognition but also positioned A Clinica Oral as a prominent player in the realm of high-end dentist clinic.


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Esteemed digital marketing solutions

In our collaboration with A Clinica Oral, Resultz offers the distinct advantage of a dedicated account manager who serves as the primary point of contact. Working in tandem with our team of experts, this ensures a close partnership aimed at maximizing the impact of our efforts to increase brand recognition and reach within a highly targeted audience. A Clinica Oral has expressed satisfaction with our collaboration, stating:

“Resultz has seamlessly integrated into our marketing team, providing a robust digital strategy that has significantly enhanced our brand visibility. Despite our smaller team, the partnership with Resultz empowers us to achieve far-reaching results.”

For A Clinica Oral, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

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