Ecommerce growth

Recognizing the imperative for Eliah to enhance their e-commerce orders, Resultz undertook a transformative initiative by crafting an entirely new website, designed to deliver an enriched and seamless user experience. This innovative platform not only showcased Eliah’s collections with aesthetic appeal but also incorporated user-friendly features to facilitate smooth navigation and efficient online transactions. 

About Eliah

Eliah’s clothing is presented in small collections with a slow fashion approach, devoid of defined seasons, allowing for year-round wear. The production process is characterized by 100% Brazilian craftsmanship and operates on a small scale, emphasizing the value of artisanal work and contributing to local development.

Noteworthy is Eliah’s dedication to environmental consciousness, as evidenced by the use of ecological fabrics in some pieces, introducing a new trend in conscientious consumption that aligns with environmental well-being. Eliah not only challenges the temporal norms of fashion but also sets a high standard for the industry by embracing ethical and sustainable practices throughout its production.

The challenge

The primary challenge faced by Eliah was to substantially increase sales by revamping their digital presence. The existing website was overhauled with a complete reimagination, aiming to provide users with a fresh and engaging online shopping experience. Resultz identified the need for a seamless and visually appealing platform that not only showcased Eliah’s collections but also facilitated easy navigation and transactions. Additionally, there was a need to enhance brand visibility and attract a wider audience. To address this, Resultz implemented a comprehensive social media strategy, leveraging targeted social ads to boost traffic and drive potential customers to the newly redesigned website.

The challenge was twofold: redefining the website to convert visitors into customers and strategically using social media to increase overall brand awareness and, consequently, sales. This collaborative effort sought to meet these challenges head-on, ultimately propelling Eliah towards increased online sales and heightened market relevance.



Business impact

In tandem with the website overhaul, Resultz implemented a targeted digital marketing strategy, leveraging social ads to boost traffic and elevate the brand’s online visibility. The strategic synergy between the revamped website and the precisely tailored social media campaigns led to a significant uptick in e-commerce orders for Eliah.


Organic transactions increased


Organic conversion rate improved


Increase new users from organic traffic

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

In our collaborative venture with Eliah, Resultz extends a personalized touch through a dedicated account manager who acts as the key liaison, working in tandem with Eliah’s team of experts to navigate the intricacies of our partnership and ensure the realization of desired outcomes. Eliah has articulated their contentment with the collaboration, affirming that Resultz has seamlessly integrated as an indispensable extension of their digital marketing team.

With Resultz, Eliah gains access to a robust digital strategy that transcends the limitations of their modest-sized marketing team, enabling them to accomplish far-reaching goals that would have been otherwise unattainable. This collaborative synergy underscores the effectiveness of our partnership in propelling Eliah toward digital success and market prominence.

For Eliah, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

+55 %


136 %

Increase in organic sessions

103 %

Increase in organic contact form submissions

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