Brand reach

In a quest to enhance both their brand reach and sales, Lisht partnered with Resultz. Our dedicated team collaborated closely with this premier jewelry brand, crafting and executing a comprehensive online strategy that led to remarkable brand expansion and substantial growth in sales.

About Lisht

In the mid-90s, Lisht Marinho fell in love with the universe of jewelry, leaving behind his engineering background to immerse himself deeply in the creation of his own pieces. His passion was infectious, captivating his brother Lui, and in 1997, they co-founded their atelier, giving birth to the first LISHT store.

LISHT’s creations speak of artistic expressiveness through their unique design, imbuing movement and lightness into materials and seeking the perfect balance between colors and forms.

The challenge

When Resultz took on the challenge presented by Lisht, the objective was clear yet intricate – to enhance brand reach and visibility in a highly targeted and discerning audience. Lisht, a top-tier jewelry brand, sought to establish a stronger foothold in a niche market, requiring a strategic approach that went beyond conventional methods.

Through meticulous planning and a deep understanding of Lisht’s brand essence, Resultz endeavored to elevate the visibility of Lisht’s exquisite creations. The challenge became an opportunity to showcase the brand’s artistic prowess, capturing the imagination of a discerning clientele and solidifying Lisht’s position as a coveted name within the niche market.


Business impact

The Resultz team took this challenge head-on, employing innovative digital strategies and leveraging the latest industry insights to propel Lisht into the forefront of the targeted audience’s consciousness. The success of this endeavor not only boosted brand reach but also established Lisht as an aspirational choice in the highly competitive world of luxury jewelry.


Increase in new website traffic 


Increase in paid traffic 


Improve in campaign CTR

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

Our team faced the task of not only capturing the attention of this specialized audience but also ensuring sustained engagement. The challenge lay in crafting a tailored strategy that resonated with the unique tastes and preferences of this exclusive demographic. Resultz embraced the complexity of this mission, recognizing the importance of precision and sophistication in reaching the desired audience.

For Lisht, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

+15 %


32 %

Increase in shared social media posts


Increase in social media profile visits 

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