Maria Filó

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In a quest to amplify engagement and expand their reach, Maria Filó partnered with Resultz. Collaborating closely with this esteemed brand, our team crafted and executed a holistic online strategy, yielding substantial growth in both reach and engagement.

About Maria Filó

Maria. A singular name that values the collective feminine, embracing multiplicity and the desire of each woman to change, move, and improve. Contemporary and open to the new, we are connected by a unique yet diverse gift: the ability to create by combining strength with sensitivity, bringing spaces and expressions to life. In this new chapter, Maria Filó welcomes Creative Director Maria Rita Magalhães Pinto to demonstrate that it is possible to reinvent oneself while still staying true to our authentic essence.

The challenge

Embarking on the mission to enhance reach and engagement for the Maria Filó brand. One aspect involved navigating the intricacies of the fashion industry’s dynamic landscape, where trends evolve rapidly, and consumer preferences fluctuate. Staying ahead in this fast-paced environment required meticulous research and a keen understanding of the target audience. Resultz had to align Maria Filó’s offerings with the latest trends while also ensuring a timeless appeal, striking a delicate balance between innovation and the brand’s established identity.

Another challenge arose from the diverse and ever-expanding digital platforms where Maria Filó sought to establish a robust presence. The team at Resultz faced the task of tailoring the brand’s message to suit each platform’s unique characteristics and user demographics. Crafting compelling content that resonated across various channels, from social media to e-commerce platforms, demanded a nuanced approach. Achieving consistent engagement across this diverse digital landscape required Resultz to employ a mix of creativity, data-driven insights, and strategic adaptability to meet the distinct demands of each platform while maintaining a cohesive brand narrative.


Business impact

Since partnering with Resultz, Maria Filó has witnessed a significant surge in engagement, reach and visibility on their social media networks. By relying on our expertise and insights, Maria Filó has been able to optimize their marketing spend and generate exceptional results. The outcomes of our partnership include:


Increase in daily reach on Instagram 


Increase in profile visualization 


Increase in clicks on profile links

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

As part of our partnership, Maria Filó has the advantage of having a dedicated Resultz account manager who serves as the primary point of contact, working closely with our team of experts to ensure that the partnership yields the desired outcomes. 

For Maria Filó, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

+162 %

Social media engagement  

400 %

Increase in content creation

31 %

Increase in social media followers

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