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Marketplace sales

In pursuit of augmenting their B2C sales, RGR wisely sought the expertise of Resultz to diversify their sales channels. Our dedicated team collaborated closely with this esteemed B2B distributor of medical supplies in Brazil, working diligently to conceptualize and implement a specialized marketplace channel with a primary focus on B2C sales.

About RGR Medicamentos

Establishing its presence in the pharmaceutical market in 2016, RGR Medicamentos emerged with over a decade of expertise from its founder in the distribution of medical supplies. Robust, modern, and innovative, the company distinguishes itself through solid and strategic partnerships, employing differentiated approaches in its operations. RGR is committed to working with high-reliability products sourced directly from companies holding registration.

The challenge

In the dynamic realm of medical supply distribution, RGR encountered a pivotal juncture—transitioning from a stalwart B2B distributor to a multifaceted player with a substantial presence in the B2C market. Recognizing the untapped potential in diversifying sales channels and harnessing the reach of online marketplaces, the challenge was set: to seamlessly navigate this transformative journey while maintaining the high standards that defined RGR’s B2B operations.

Resultz, armed with a proven track record in digital strategy, undertook the mission of orchestrating this shift. The challenge extended beyond adopting a new sales model—it entailed reshaping RGR’s identity for individual consumers. Our strategic approach aimed not only to diversify channels but also to strategically position RGR on online marketplaces, effectively unlocking the doors to direct-to-consumer sales. Through careful planning and industry expertise, Resultz worked hand-in-hand with RGR, turning the challenge of embracing B2C sales and venturing into online marketplaces into a transformative success story.

Services Used:

Business impact

Resultz embarked on a mission to redefine RGR’s market position, leveraging online marketplaces as key channels for B2C engagement. The challenge became an opportunity to showcase RGR’s extensive range of medical supplies to a wider audience, establishing a direct and impactful connection with end consumers.


Increase in marketplaces sales


Growth on average transaction value


Increase new users from marketplaces

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

Through a blend of strategic planning, digital expertise, and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Resultz aimed to guide RGR through this transformative journey. The goal was clear—turn the challenge of diversifying channels and venturing into B2C sales into a resounding success, solidifying RGR’s position as a versatile and consumer-centric force in the competitive landscape of medical supply distribution.

For RGR, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

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